Merry Christmas..♥

Hey sweeties♥

Just a quick post to wish all of my wonderful followers and readers around the world a very Merry Christmas.
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I hope you all get what you wished for and have the most magical day. I shall be blogging about my Christmas activities very soon, that is when I come out of a mince pie and chocolate coma. Oh and it is always ok to have a massive plateful of mini snacks, as mini's don't count - remember that!



Manchester Christmas Market & Seeing My Girlies..♥

Hey beauties

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend? I had such a busy one it feels like it went in a flash, but fear not I am not going to sulk about it after all we are on the countdown to Christmas right? I love waking up every morning and going to get my advent calendar, mainly because I get to see One Direction every morning, but I also love how Alfie knows it is his chocolate treat time too he is so cute.

Anyway, on Saturday I headed up to Manchester with my friend Lisa to go and meet the lovely Charlotte and Georgina to go around the Christmas market and to have lots of fun, giggles, food, drinks and of course do a little bit of shopping too just for good measures.

We arrived in Manchester around 11.30am and had lots of fun with Charlotte and Georgina around the Christmas market, we first of all exchanged Christmas gifts which was so sweet as it really got me in the mood even more. Then we headed into the madness of the market, we got to one part of the market that was so busy, so decided to head back into the streets of Manchester and wander around the less manic stalls.
It felt so Christmassy and as I haven't been to a market for so many years I was in my element with all of the sweet smells and Christmas songs being sung here there and everywhere. I actually didn't buy that much from the market but what I did buy was all sweet related of course. We came across the yummy chocolate stalls and sweeties where we got some massive marshmallows - they are my favourite sweeties! We ended up having a German hot dog for lunch amongst the hustle and bustle which it all part of the fun and games.
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As we were walking out of the market we came across Santa's sleigh with a massive wicker Reindeer where we could just happily jump in and get some photos, it was so funny having people gather around us while Lisa took the pictures, but all part of the fun.
We then went into Starbucks for a sit down and chin wag and of course lots of giggles, after we went onto the shopping centre and went into Poundland where we always spend so long raiding the make up section to see if we can find any beauty bargains, sadly not this time. But did manage to get a super cute Gingerbread house candle tea light holder, but I have some how managed to burn the roof of mine now ooopsies. After that Lisa and I headed off home, just as the rain had started, thank goodness it held off until then.
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When I got home Liam and I topped the night off nicely with a deal from Pizza Hut and the first part of the X Factor final which was held in Manchester, yes I was on the look out for One Direction and Gary Barlow, but sadly nothing!
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Christmas: The Christmas Tag..☃❅

Hey sweeties
So it is finally Friday, thank goodness it didn't feel like it would ever get to Friday at the beginning of the week, it has been one of those where I have been counting the days down until I go and see Charlotte and Georgina tomorrow ahhhhhhh and the rest of the week has just dragged!

As you know by now I am totally in the Christmas spirit and I've done quite a lot of Christmas related posts so far, but who's complaining? I love Christmas too much, so when I saw The Christmas Tag over at Bex's blog I just knew I had to jump on board and join in too, this was set up by Makeup-Pixi3 - so thank you.

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Q. What's your favourite thing about Christmas?
Without a doubt it has got to be the build up to the actual day. I love how festive everyone gets, the music blasting out in the shops, cosy clothes in the shops and of course the wrapping of gifts and writing cards to give out. It really is a magical time of the year, everyone always seems so happy which is lovely to see. I also love getting to see family and having lots of fun together.

Q. What’s your favourite makeup look for the festive season?
I don't really change my makeup look for the festive season as I tend to wear the same makeup each day, but with special occasions I will add a touch of eye shadow and for Christmas it will be something super sparkly. But for me I usually paint my nails festive and do some form of nail art or use Christmas stickers. 

Q. Real tree or fake tree?
I love the smell of a real tree but hate the mess that they bring with them, so for me it has got to be a fake tree. We have a fake tree up and it looks lovely, but we've got a massive candle that smells of Christmas tree so I have the best of both. 

Q. Giving presents or receiving presents?
I love giving as I love to see the joy on faces when they open them too. I always love the preparation for giving as well, the choosing of the gift, wrapping and delivering it's just something different. Don't get me wrong I love receiving too.

Q. Do you open your presents Christmas morning or evening?
Always has been and always will be in the morning. The magic of going down stairs to see is 'Santa' has been gets me so excited even at the age of 22 I know I will be so excited about going down and seeing the gifts on the sofa ready for opening.
Q. Handmade Christmas cards or bought?
I am quite lazy, sadly. So I always buy my Christmas cards, but I always buy the ones where some of the money goes to charity, as I always like to give to charities that mean something to me throughout the year and especially at Christmas. 

Q. What’s your favourite Christmas film?
My favourite film was on just the other day, I love so many but my ultimate has got to be Miracle on 34th Street, I just love how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel inside. I'm also partial to a bit of ELF and Deck the Halls too. 
Q. What’s your favourite Christmas food?
Are you kidding me, I have to choose just one? Hello, Christmas + Food + Me = VERY HAPPY! I simply love love love the food at Christmas, you cannot go wrong with a big Christmas dinner with all of the trimmings but I especially love the buffet tea with the mini's of all the scrummy food. 


The Beauty Bloggers Tag..♥

Hey beauties (ha do you get it), yeah sorry that was a little lame!

Today I am here with a lovely beauty tag, I first came across this tag when the lovely Bex had mentioned Life of a Sweetaholic in her tag, so a big thank you for the mention and for introducing me to this great tag.

I don't usually do tags that often but when I find a rare gem I always like to share them with you and get as many of you joining in too, so let's get on with the show..

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?
I first started blogging in December 2010, that is where I did my introduction to who I was and then just randomly started posting from there. But I class my 'Blogging Birthday' as around January time as that is when I got into the full swing of it all. I started Life of a Sweetaholic because I had seen quite a few people post on the More! magazine Facebook page about their blogs and I thought I'd join in too, thinking that it would only be a little thing and that I'd fizzle out of doing it, how wrong was I? 

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?
Well I would be very rude to not put my lovely friend Emma-Louise and her wonderful blog down as she was actually the person who started me off blogging. To this day I read her blog everyday and we speak on Facebook a lot too, she is such a lovely girly and her blog really shows her true personalilty.

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product you bought and was it worth the hype?
To be honest I am not one of those beauty bloggers who will just randomly go out and buy a product because everyone else loves it, I will only buy a product if I need it and want it for myself. But I would probably say one of the most popular beauty items that everyone seems to be loving at the moment has got to be the MUA Nail Constellations - the only reason I wanted to try this product is because they have one called 'Leo' which is my start sign and I always seem to buy things relating to my star sign.
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Image taken from Google

What are your favourite five things about blogging and being a beauty blogger?
1. Making friends with some lovely bloggers, especially meeting Charlotte and Georgina they are both amazing friends of mine and we meet up on a regular basis too.
2. Finding out what new products will be hitting the shops a few months in advance, it has made making my Christmas list much easier.
3. Having and doing something that I love, which is writing and sharing my loves with so many people across the world.
4. Attending my first ever blogging event with Benefit cosmetics - again where I met some lovely girls.
5. The #bbloggers chat on Twitter is always a favoruite of mine when I have the time to join in. I love finding so many wonderful blogs at the end and seeing what others think of the different topics.

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What have you learnt from being a beauty blogger?

I have learnt that althought someone may love a product so much it won't always be the best for others, as we are all different if that be in taste or skin tone etc. I have also learnt to not go out and buy products for the sake of it as sometimes the products are such a let down and my money can be spent else where.

Have you changed anything since being a beauty blogger?
To be honest I wouldn't fully class myself as a beauty blgoger, I have the odd bits of beaty within my blog as I love to just blog about anything and everything. The only thing I have changed since blogging is adding more beauty related posts into the blog as it is something I am getting confident in posting and my readers seem to love those types of posts too.

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?
Simply be yourself.

Name your top five brands!
MUA, No7, 17, Miners Cosmetics and Models Own

Recommend your top five favourite beauty products!
1. No7 soft and soothed gentle cleanser
2. Liz Earle sheer skin tint
3. Benefit ultra plush lip gloss in CORALista
4. Models Own Pink Sorbet nail varnish
5. MUA Disco Ball

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Tag other beauty bloggers to do this tag!
I tag whoever wants to do this, if you do leave links below so I can have a read too

Alfie Diary #2

Hello sweeties

Today I am back with Alfie's second diarty and update for you all, I cannot believe it is his second month with us, the time has flown by like you wouldn't believe, I have so much to share with you all so let's get crackin'!

First off Alfie has reached two big milestones in his second month with his new family, he has been on his first walk (and many more after) you can read about his first walk here, he has also had his first puppy play date. The same day we got Alfie a friend of ours got their little West Highland Terrier - Casper! So once they had all been jabbed up and were able to go out on walks, we thought we'd introduce them, well that was a funny day for us all. Casper was showing Alfie who was boss basically and I think Alfie spent most of the time on his back wanting his belly rubbing bless.
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Of course Alfie is still a little puppy at only 16 weeks old so whenever we do take him a walk or have a play on the garden or just after a busy day of being Alfie he seems to sleep quite a lot too. I don't think I've ever known a puppy to sleep as much as what he does, and in the most awkward positions too, I look at him and think goodness me boy you cannot be comfy.

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By the fire/ In my arms/ On his side of the sofa
In his bed upside down/ By the radiator / In my arms full stretch
Snuggled up in his bed/ Don't even ask/ Into a ball
As Alfie is still finding new places to go and being introduced to new things and surroundings all the time he seems to plod along without a care in the world and the look in his eye shows me that he is such a happy puppy. Lately he has found new places in the house and on the garden where he loves to go and when it is quite in the house we know where to look straight away. He especailly loves sitting under the chairs and table, on his bed upside down (chillin' like a little dude) and in front of the fire he just falls asleep straight away.
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Over the past month we have learnt a lot more what Alfie likes to do, what he likes to eat and rink and of course what he likes to chew when he has his 'naughty puppy' moments. To say we've had him two months he is almost fully house trained, he has the odd little wee accident (damn those fireworks) but apart from that he knows what he can and cannot chew and bite in the house. One of his favourite things to watch on TV has got to be the Paul O'Grady dogs programme, he happily sat and watched it every week in amazement, bless him. He also likes to have the leftovers of my tea that I leave at the bottom of the mug, but in his bowl of course. When 'naughty puppy' mode kicks in his favourite place to bite is the chair legs, some lovely marks and scratches coming along nicely there Alfie. Finally, because he can't have any chocolate cake when I bake, he tends to have the boxes to chew and run around with, he really is such a lovely little character.
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Alfie also loves it when the camera comes out, as he tends to pose and yaps, I think he is really telling me to get his best side.
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So that is all for this month sweeties, I can't think of anything else to share with you all yet, but I shall jot his moments down and share with you all next month, yes next month will almost be Christmas - god help us when we put the tree up!!!

Happy Halloween..♥

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Hey sweeties♥

I just wanted to do a little post today to say Happy Halloween to you all - I don't really go over the top with Halloween but I still like to get into the spirit of things by taking part in something spooky related.

As I was browsing through my blgoger dashboard I came across a Spooktacular Tag from the lovely Gemma, so I have decided to give it a go and share with you all my favourite things about Halloween, I hope you enjoy and feel free to do it yourself too.

Spooktacular Tag ♥
Do you still trick or treat? Sadly I do not; I think that I am far too old for that at the grand old age of 22. But I used to love trick or treating around the local streets and getting lots of yummy treats to eat during the night

Do you like going to haunted attractions? To be honest I haven’t ever been to any haunted attractions, I would probably be too scared to do so anyway as I am such a wussy pants when it comes to anything like that. The only thing that I can think of this is remotely related that I have been to (but not for Halloween) would be the London Dungeons.

Favourite Halloween Candy? Being a sweetaholic I am not fussed when it comes to my favourite candy at Halloween, I will literally munch on anything and everything. But I did buy some of the mini Haribo Halloween sweetie bags and have tried a couple out myself, well I don’t want the kiddies getting sick from them now do I?
Image and video hosting by TinyPicFavourite Halloween movie? A lot of people will probably be saying Hocus Pocus for this (which is a brilliant film by the way), but as soon as I saw this question The Witches instantly popped into my mind. I used to love/hate that film when I was little as it does creep me out at times, but it is still a brilliant film non the less.

Favourite Scary Movie? As I have said in a previous question I don’t really like anything too scary, as I can be a total wussy at the slightest bit of blood. So I really haven’t watched that many scary movies and the one’s that I have watched I cannot remember for the life of me when they were called, probably because I want to forget them?

Favourite Costume you wore as a child? Gosh I used to wear so many, but the memory that is sticking out for me at the moment is the witches costume, but made out of a black bin liner. Along with the black bin liner would be a witches hat, nose and those fingers that glowed up in the dark and a Halloween themed goodie bag for all of our sweet treats.
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First costume you ever wore? I have no idea about the first that I ever wore, but it would be something along the lines of that mentioned in the previous question.

Favourite Fall Food and Beverage? My favourite food in fall has got to be a homemade stew/soup – there is nothing better than coming in from a nice walk around the parks/fields and smelling the food cooking and tucking in with some nice fresh crusty bread. Without a doubt when fall arrives so does the hot chocolate, I don’t tend to drink that much hot chocolate any other time of the year, but with some whipped cream and mini marshmallows it is a must in fall.

Do you have a festive background on your phone? I don’t actually, I don’t tend to do that anymore, I used to when I was in school so we could all compare. But at the moment my background is Alfie.
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What are you going to dress up as this year? Well I have brought quite a few bits and pieces to make an outfit of my own this year, but in all honesty I have no idea how or what it will turn out to be like. But something along the lines of a witch/mummy – I shall do a blog post on my outfit next week as Liam and I are off to a Halloween party on Saturday night.

Do you decorate your house? Since this is the first year that we are celebrating Halloween we have brought a few bits and bobs to put up inside and outside of the house. We’ve got a HAPPY HALLOWEEN sign in the window with some glow in the dark pumpkin stickers, pumpkin mini lights inside a square vase with green crystals, glow in the dark ghost cut out and a pumpkin wreath for the door.   

What Candy do you still have left in your stash after you've ate everything else? Now come on, this is me we are talking about here, as if I would actually save any of my candy. I usually end up eating it all on the same night and feeling sick, but if there were any left overs it would be something chocolate orange flavoured as I don’t tend to eat those – yack!
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Batiste Graffiti, Paisley & Red..♥

Hey beauties

So I am now back into the swing of the dark early mornings for work *sobs*, but every other morning I get an extra half an hour in bed, no not because I start work later and not because Liam gets up to sort Alfie out, but in fact down to the wonderful Batiste dry shampoo.

For those of you who have followed and read Life of a Sweetaholic since the very first few posts you will know that I am a big fan of this particular dry shampoo - it really does work wonders on keeping oily roots at bay and giving texture, volume and life into hair, plus the extra half hour in bed is a major added bonus.

I was recently sent the latest three new releases from Batiste - Graffiti, Paisley and Red* and thought I would show you all as I am totally in love with them once again - they never fail to amaze me at all.

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Graffiti*- the scent of this is so lovely, it is a very soft scent with apples, wild berries and coconut running through it which just reminds me of the summer months. The can is very vibrant and in your face which is something I love, it really does look like graffiti and will stand out. Stocklists: Exclusive to Boots
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Paisley* - is a burst of fresh air and really wakes you up in the morning with it's refreshing grapefruit and lime scents running through it. The design is probably one of my favourites from the Batiste range, the colours are beautiful and complement each other very. Stocklists: Exclusive to Superdrug
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Red* - just WOW!! This is what all us redheads have been wanting for so long and now our prayers have finally been answered, this is especially for redheads and contains a hint of scarlet. For me the scarlet showed up a little too much, but after a few quick rubs it was soon gone, I would say this is more suited for Rhianna redheads - perfect though. Stocklists: Exclusive to Superdrug and Boots.
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How to use: Shake it up like an aerosol can and hold approximately 30cm from hair and spray lightly and evenly. Massage through hair using fingertips and then leave for a moment, shake again in-between sprays then brush out fully and style. RRP: £2.99, 200ml

What do you all think to the new Batiste additions? Are you a lover of dry shampoo too?
Disclosure: this product was sent as a PR sample, all views are 100% honest and the product has been/will be tested fairly for the use of this blog post. PR items within this post are fully related to Life of a Sweetaholic.


Smile of the Week #43 - New Edition

Hello lovelies

If you are a regular Life of a Sweetaholic-er then you will have seen my Smile of the Week feature quite a lot over the past year but it has slowly died out, sad I know. I used it as a place to post a cute image or lovely quote that I'd found during the week, but I don't have that much time to freely browse for pretty images anymore, as a little Alfie seems to want to play a lot more.

So I have decided to tweak it a little and re jig around with it, it will still be known as Smile of the Week, but I will be posting a mixture of images/quotes and telling you all about the things that have made me happy and smile during the week - kind of like a mini diary of happy thoughts.

Welcome the first post of the new edition, things that have made me happy and smile this week:

1. Not setting an alarm Sunday night, having the week off is the best

2. Warm cuddles from Alfie on a cold Autumn night - perfect

3. Endless cups of hot chocolate and tea during the day, the simple things are the best

4. Seeing how happy Alfie is when Liam walks through the door after work - too cute

5. Buying mini bags of sweets for Halloween, but of course having one to 'test out'

6. Mini Crunchie - it means I can have 5 at a time, no?

7. The rain on the windows at night, makes it so much easier to sleep

8. Knowing I am seeing some lovely friends tomorrow for shopping, food and giggles

9. Yankee Candle wax tarts, Christmas Cookie is the best scent ever!!

10. This cute face makes everything 100% better
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Hope you all have a lovely week and remember keep smiling and be happy!!

Cupcake Decorating At April Delights..♥

Hello cupcakes!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, I would usually start to moan about now with getting the Sunday night blues, but oh no not this weekend as I have the rest of the week off of work - let's give that a big WHOOP!!

This weekend has been pretty damn good, yesterday was spent totally chilled out, seriously I didn't get out of my pj's all day - I even took Alfie a walk around the close in them it was so comfy. But today I was up super early, yes on a Sunday I know it doesn't sound right does it?

I went along to a cupcake and cakepop decorating class at April Delights which is located in Nottingham.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It is such a beautiful little place and I had such an amazing time. I brought a deal for 2 off of Groupon a few months back now so I took my best friend Lisa with me and we were in heaven - cake, sweeties and lots of tea. We were shown how to make certain flowers, how to use the textured patterns and how to make different colour sugar paste - it was so brilliant. We then got to decorate 6 cupcakes ourself and Liam and I were in our element, having giggles, supping on tea and decorating cupcakes how we wanted. I have to say that I am SO pleased with how my cupcakes turned out, I didn't think I had it in me to actually decorate cupcakes in such a beautiful way.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Calla Lilies, Bow, Rose
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Pearls, Glitter, Flower&Butterfly
During the 4 hour session we were called up in groups of 6 to then make 6 cakepops each to take home, we were shown the techniques used to coat the cake pops and to decorate. I feel that I could actually master doing them on my own (finally), so watch this space as I shall be doing some Halloween styled cakepops during my week off so will pop a post up of those.

What do you all think to the cupcakes that I designed? My favourite has got to be the Calla Lilies - they were tricky to do to start with but then once I'd got the hang of it I was SO impressed with the outcome, as for the bow as well, that was difficult I almost gave up but I wanted to keep going at it.


Introducing The Sweet Club & Giveaway..♥

Hello sweeties

Long time no blog ay? It feels like I have been away for so long but it has only just been over a week, the time has gone so fast lately and my evenings are now spent walking Alfie and relaxing as much as I can, but fear not I shall be back in full blogging mode very soon.

Today I am back with an amazing sweet treat to share with you all - I know you are going to love it as I sure do! I'd like to introduce you all to The Sweet Club - no I haven't set my own random club up, this is in fact a sweet box filled with the sweets that you love, you can enjoy these brilliant boxes either monthly or fortnightly . Monthly will cost you £9.95 and fortnightly will cost you £16.50 with FREE postage.

I was kindly sent a box to review and to share with all of you sweetie lovers, I have to say I really was like a kid in a sweet shop choosing what sweets I wanted to get in my box, as this is the best part of the box - YOU have control over what comes - so it is fully made to your needs and sweetie wants.

Within two or three days my box arrived and I couldn't believe how fast it came, but also how gorgeous it was, the box is a glossy red which is wrapped in shrink wrap to ensure the ultimate freshness for the sweets - and of course so nobody tampers with the box. Then opening the box my eyes lit up like there was no tomorrow - heaven comes to mind, 8 bags of sweets before my very own eye and I knew I'd love them as I got to choose them myself. The bags are of a reasonable size and after 2 or 3 at a time you could possibly get sick, the bags are great for taking to work or snacking on during the bus ride home or something like that.

Seeing as though I am a major sweetaholic, these boxes to me are prefect, the size is perfect, the methods of ordering and chosen sweets couldn't be any easier and the customer service is second to none - I would urge all of you sweetie lovers out there to at least try this box once and see what you think - perfect for Christmas gifts too.

Now as I love this product SO much I am going to be giving ONE of these boxes away to ONE lucky winner, this is only open to the UK. Simply complete the Rafflecopter form below, please read all T&C's before entering, anyone with a blog just for giveaways will not be entered.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: this product was sent as a sample, all views are 100% honest and the product has been tested fairly for the use of this blog post. PR items within this post are fully related to Life of a Sweetaholic.

Alfie Diary #1

Hey sweeties

Today is the first of a new series on Life of a Sweetaholic, as promised I would update you all with how Alfie is going on every month, I would like to do it more often but I think a monthly post is good enough for now to see how he is progressing.

There will be a lot of images which may make you melt, go 'awwwwwwww' and you'll no doubt say 'I want him'. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Alfie 5 weeks old, 7 weeks old, 8 weeks old and 10 weeks old
So we have had Alfie for a month already, I cannot believe how fast the time has gone, but then at the same time it feels like we've had him for years. The first week was surreal, getting use to the very early mornings and caring for something so small and cute was really overwhelming at times - he was only 7 weeks and 2 days when we brought him home so he was a little tiny tot. Over the first week he got use to the different sounds and smells around the house and he was slowly getting use to his toys in the house too.

Since the first week Alfie has grown so much and developed both in size and in confidence around myself and Liam, the house and visitors he has - mainly family and friends. He has had both of his injections so on Saturday he will be able to go out for walks - I am so excited about getting wrapped up and taking him out on small walks to start with and then eventually longer and more exciting walks and places.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Without a doubt he is a mummy's boy, he is all for me when he wants food and a place to sleep, I swear I must be so comfy as whenever I hold him he tends to snuggle up and go to sleep. But he loves his daddy for fun and playtimes - result. He has many toys but his favourites are his teddy, a plastic pop bottle and a small blue bone, over the last week he has started to think that his comfy bed in the living room is a toy too and tends to dig under it and flip it around, it is so funny to watch.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Alfie is such a sleepy puppy - well it is a hard life being a puppy right? He sleeps in the most random places, one of which is the bathroom floor matt - cuteness or what? He has mastered going upstairs like there is no tomorrow, we now have a baby gate at the kitchen door to stop him bolting off, he can only go upstairs when myself or Liam are up there. He isn't that confident on going down the stairs yet, he tends to bark at the steps and waits for one of us to carry him down, bless his little paws.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I am seriously so in love with my little puppy, I didn't realise just how much love I could get from him, he makes me heart melt everytime he does something new or sleeps in a new place. At the moment one of his favourite spots to sit is on a pillow in the conservatory in the sun, I just think he wants free highlights!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So that is the first month of Alfie being in his new home, he is such a wonderful puppy and I cannot wait for the next month to see how he develops.

Models Own Sale Haul..♥

Hello sweeties

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and having lots of yummy sweet treats too - that is what the weekend is for right, oh and not forgetting having a pj day too. My week has been another busy one which has made the week fly by, I love it when it gets to Friday afternoon - Crunchie O'Clock!!

Today I have my Models Own sale haul to share with you all, as most of you are probably aware Models Own reached 100k likes on Facebook (WOW!) and did a 50% off sale - how bloody amazing is that? So I decided to take full advantage, there were only like 2 polishes that I wanted to try that were sold out, so they'll be put onto the Christmas wish list. But I did buy myself a lovely range of shades and I also added a few of my favourites to run giveaways with in the future and some for Christmas gifts for my lovely friends.

So my sale haul for myself included: Hedkandi Beach Party, Hot Pink, Peach Sherbet, Lemon Meringue, Pink Punch, Nyla Nude, Hedkandi Disco Heaven and Hedkandi Hedonist. I now have all of the Hedkandi range apart from Balearic Cool as I don't think blue shades suit me at all, so I gave that one a miss.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Of course I have swatched each polish for you to see as well, these have been swatched on clear nail wheels with no base coat, only one coat of polish and no top coat.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My favourite so far has got to be Hedkandi Hedonist - It simply screams out SUMMER! Yes I am ready for autumn but my nails are still in summer mode, I always love wearing bright nail varnish. I shall be doing a NOTD with each of the polishes so keep an eye out for those too

Which is your favourite Models Own polish, am I missing some in my ever growing collection?

Smile of the Week #43 - Autumn Special

Hello my little poppets

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and had lots of fun, even if the weather was a little yack my weekend has been pretty decent, in fact I'd go as far to say it's been bloody brilliant. Friday was a relaxed day at work after a busy week and when I got home it got even better by Liam ordering us a Pizza Hut feast for the night - it was seriously SO good and of course I had my Crunchie. Saturday I was up early with Alfie as he only seems to sleep until around 7.30am bless him, we had playtime and cuddles then in the afternoon I went into town with my mum to have a little girly shop. I seriously think autumn clothes are so awful, full of dark colours everywhere which makes me sad, but I did get quite a few nice bits and bobs (those will be in a post later in the week). Of course Saturday night was spent in front of the tv watching The X Factor, yes I am slowly becoming hooked on it and have a few favourites already in mind that I hope make it to the live shows. Sunday the day of rest, yeah right, not anymore! Liam got up with Alfie early which meant I could have a little extra in bed, we had a naughty puppy on our hands for the morning, but then had an afternoon full of visitors, my parents, my uncle, my cousin and her little girl came down - mad house but Aflie loved it having lots of fuss. The night was spent relaxing on the sofa, catching up on reading my favourite blogs and getting cosy and snug as the rain pelted down outside and on the windows, it is so relaxing though right?

So now I've shared my weekend with you all let's get onto this weeks Smile of the Week, instead of a nice quote I thought I'd share with you all what Autumn means to me in photos. Seeing as though the mornings are cold and dark, the leaves are falling off of the trees, the rain is becoming more frequent and the cosy socks and slippers are hitting the shops to me it is officially Autumn.

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So who is ready for Autumn now? 

Product Review: MyMocktail WooWoo & Pina Colada

Hello cocktail pops

Today I have a product review for you all and I am sure that those of you who love a good cocktail or two will enjoy this very much! I was recently contacted to see if I'd be interested in trying out and reviewing two new MyMocktail non-alcoholic drinks those being the 'WooWoo*' and 'Pina Colada*', I obviously said I'd be delighted as they both sounded very yummy.

To start off with one of the cartons got damaged during delivery but a quick email to inform the company and the problem was fixed within days and I had a replacement sent straight away to enjoy, brilliant customer service.

Onto the actual products, now I am not the worlds biggest drinker, in fact I hardly ever drink at all now and when I do I tend to stick to the same drink, that being Archers and Lemonade - yummy. So these drinks were perfect for me to enjoy as an alternative to an alcoholic drink, but you can simply add in a splash of Vokda to make the Woo Woo alcoholic or a splash of Rum to make the Pina Colada alcoholic.
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The Woo Woo is a gorgeous berry red colour and I could instantly taste the cranberries as soon as I'd had a sip from the glass, it is very sweet with a slight twang at the end because of the cranberries, perfect to drink on a warm summers night with a bbq.
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The Pina Colada is a summery yellow colour and is very sweet and a little too sickly for me, but that is purely because I am not 100% fond of having coconut in a drink for some reason, but the pineapple flavour comes through and makes it really refreshing.
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I love the packaging of these products as they are eye catching and they'd easily stand out on the shelf in the supermarket, the fruits used on the front of each carton are a true representation of the flavours within the drinks and gives them a summery feel.

Do you think you'd buy any of these to enjoy on their own or as a quick and easy alcoholic cocktail?

For more information on these please visit the Facebook page here.

Disclosure: this product was sent as a PR sample, all views are 100% honest and the product has been tested fairly for the use of this blog post. PR items within this post are fully related to Life of a Sweetaholic.

Introducing Our Puppy Alfie..♥

Hello sweeties

Well what a horrible day it is with the rain and predicted storms - beautiful for the end of August isn't it? Looks more like November outside lately doesn't it? But let's kick the horribleness to one side as I've got some really exciting news to share with you all today, I'd have shared with you all sooner but I literally haven't had the time to sit near my laptop let alone turn it on, so the news is...

Liam and I are getting a puppy - I am beyond excited! Ever since we moved in together we have been talking about getting a puppy and we'd look online but that is about it, but this weekend we actually went to see the most beautiful litter of puppies and fell in love and put a deposit down on our little cutie.

I'd like to introduce you all to our golden cocker spaniel Alfie

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He is 7 weeks old tomorrow and we are able to bring him home on Saturday 8th September, am I counting the days down I am so excited eeeee!!

Liam fell in love with him straight away as he was the one that went up to him first off. It was really hard to choose from 6 puppies, we managed to get it down to two and ended up playing with them for so long, but this little one made us melt. Whenever I held him he always went to sleep on me and gave me his cute little puppy eyes, so you can expect to see a lot more of Alfie on the blog and I'll keep you all updated when he is home and I'll maybe do a monthly progress post or something like that if you'd be interested?

For now I will leave you with a couple of sleepy snaps to 'awww' over!
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