Smile of the Week #24

After having a good nights sleep, no matter what had happened the previous day, leave it in the past and move on. Remember to...


Smile of the Week #23

Romantic, Simple and 100% True

Sending you all lots of love, you beautiful sweetaholics 

The Vow♥

On Monday night I went to the cinema with my best friend Lisa to see The Vow, when I first saw the trailer for the movie I just knew I had to go and see it.

Without a doubt it is a heart warming, fuzzy feeling kind of film that will have you blubbing from the start. I wouldn't personally have gone to see this film with Liam as I think for a male it could come across as a little boring, but for us girls it is a must see.

The movie is based on true events and I think that is what makes it so heart warming, actually knowing that this has really happened to somebody in real life.

Rachel McAdams plays the role of Paige and I don't think that there is a better actress out there to play the part, as Rachel is simply beautiful and the emotion she brings to the film is spine tingling.
Channing Tatum plays the role of Leo and my goodness that guy has got a hot body, which is seen in many scenes even his gorgeous derrière oh la la. But the body aside, he is a stunning actor with a hard role to play but it is portrayed with such passion and during the film I had lumps in my throat when he was on screen.

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A beautiful quote from the movie
Get your girlfriends together, popcorn and sweeties ready and go see this film, it is so beautiful and I cannot wait until it comes out on dvd.

Of course after seeing the film I now have a new crush in the form of the super handsome Channing Tatum, wow have I have never noticed his hotness before?
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Smile of the Week #22

Always remember this girls, whenever you are thinking about having a balanced diet...
Just a little giggle for this weeks Smile of the Week, grab those cookies - yum yum!!

Project Perfect♥

I have seen quite a lot of these posts on my dashboard over the past couple of days and I bloody well love the idea. Amy from Flaws and All created Project Perfect and a special thank you to her for giving me an insight into seeing some of my favourite bloggers in a way that I probably never would, all thanks to the idea of the post.

So what is Project Perfect?

1. Post a photo that you like of yourself and say in a couple of sentences why you like it.
2. State some things that you DON'T like yourself but say why others may love to be like that.
3. State 3 things that you DO like about yourself.

So, welcome to my Project Perfect post:

A photo of myself that I really like
I like this picture as I felt so confident while on holiday as my body had a nice subtle tan and being able to dress up every evening made me feel really nice. I love the outfit that I am wearing in this photo and that my hair looks much lighter thanks to good old Mr Sunshine.

Three things that I don't like about myself, but turned into positives:

1. I don't really like to smile with my mouth open as I don't particularly like the look of my teeth. But a lot of people say that I have a really nice smile and my teeth are lovely.

2. I don't like the size of my feet, even though they are a size 5 being quite small I find it impossible to fit into slip on shoes/ballet pumps. But I always get complimented on the shoes that I do wear (especially those pictured above).

3. My wrists are really tiny, I find it impossible to find bracelets that actually stay on, most of mine being elasticated. But some people may like this as it makes hands/arms look toned and defined. 

Three things that I like about myself:

1. The colour of my hair. My hair hasn't ever been dyed and nor will I ever think about it, at least not until I start going grey. I find that a lot of people compliment my hair colour and my hair dresser simply loves it. 

2. I quite like to look of my stomach as I feel quite lucky that I don't seem to put a lot of weight on even when I eat like a little piggy. My stomach is always tanned as that is the only part of my body where my tan never seems to fad, thank goodness.

3. I like the fact that I wear glasses, even though at first I wasn't too fussed. I love my glasses at the moment as they are black and pink, but I am hopefully changing them soon to a neural brown/tan colour to go with my hair colour and skin tone. 

I look forward to seeing and reading more of these amazing posts by bloggers on my dashboard and those who I am yet to discover. I hope you enjoyed this post and again thank you to Amy for coming up with a fantastic post idea. 


Smile of the Week #21

Sometimes in life it doesn't matter what you have, it is down to who you have in your life and how you all make each other feel. When I found this weeks Smile of the Week I thought it was very clever how this image had been put together and just had to share with you all

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