Smile of the Week #29

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Whenever I see my best friend Lisa was are always talking about the old times and all of our memories (I sound as though I am 80 years old or something now), and no matter what we always end up in fits of giggles as we have lived them together and nobody will be able to take away those memories.

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Smile of the Week #28

For all of the tea lovers out there I am sure you will 100% agree with this weeks Smile of the Week...

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Montagne Jeunesse: Beauty Pamper Basket

Hello Sweeties♥

Today I thought I would share with you a fantastic deal that I got a month or so ago with the Montagne Jeunesse Beauty Pamper Basket. In total there are 19 products within the basket and if you buy from the website directly these are priced at £30, mine I brought for £12.

I couldn't believe how many products were in the basket, as it seems like there are more than 19 when you feel the weight of it. All of the products are enclosed in a beautiful basket and presented beautifully.

Within the basket there are products that I wouldn't even look twice at trying if I saw them in the shops, but as I have paid for them I am quite excited to give them all a try. I am very happy that there are some of my favourite face masks included in there and lots of wonderful new products to try.

I am planning on reviewing each item on its own and creating a post per item, so I hope you will all be looking forward to those posts coming up.

Have any of you brought one of these pamper baskets? What are your thoughts? What is your favourite product from the Montagne Jeunesse range?

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Smile of the Week #27

Thank you - it is simply two words, yet some people always seem to forget to say it. I am always thankful for what I am given and I am especially thankful for all of my wonderful followers and readers staying with me through this wonderful blogging journey, you all bring me so much joy and happy feelings when reading comments.

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Product Review: Batiste Cherry♥

Hello sweeties

I've got a lovely sweet product review for you all today

Say hello to Batiste Cherry
I am sure you all know of Batiste by now, being the ever so reliable dry shampoo product and with endless supplies of gorgeous sweet scents and now introducing the newbie to add to the collection, Cherry.

POP YOUR CHERRY! The new fruity one from Batiste

Indulge in the beauty of yesteryear with the new Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo with an unmistakeable fruity fragrance and cute design inspired by our latest love of vintage glamour. Batiste Cherry refreshes the parts other dry shampoos can’t reach, leaving your hair revived and fruity when you have far better things to do than wash your hair.

I always think that I have finally found my favourite dry shampoo scent but Batiste have once again knocked me out with the sweet, fruity fragrance of Cherries. The product is 100% amazing, I have used Batiste for so long now and when I need those extra 10 minutes in bed this product becomes my life saver.

Shake it up vigorously before use and keeping the nozzle about 30cm from hair, spray into roots. Massage through with fingertips and then brush and style …with a cherry on top!

Being one for attractive packaging I love how cute, girly, fruity and fab this product looks, I would instantly be drawn to it in the shelf when out shopping for sure.

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See the full Batiste line up at

RRP Price: £2.99, 200ml
Stockists: Superdrug, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Wilkinsons, Savers and Lloyds chemists.

This item was sent via a PR company for reviewing purpose, italic font within the post is from press release information

Smile of the Week #26

I am a believer in never losing hope no matter how down you may feel, there will always be a way out of the hard situations in life even if it may seem like there isn't. Always take your time to find yourself and who you are as a person and remember you never know what tomorrow may bring.

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Smile of the Week #25

I always find myself sat thinking or worrying about what is going to happen next in life and how I am going to 'find myself', but when I came across this weeks smile of the week it made me take a step back, to stop worrying and simply go with the flow.

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