Goodnight One Tree Hill♥

Evening sweeties

So as some of you may know I am a huge One Tree Hill fan and tonight marks the very end of the show, after 9 seasons it is coming to an end and am seriously not ready for this at all. The finale starts at 8pm tonight on e4, so if your a One Tree Hill fan too be sure to watch it and celebrate the success of a wonderful show. 

I know some of you may think 'goodness me get a grip it is only a tv show' - correct it is only a tv show but I have grown up with this show through my teenage years and a lot of story lines in the show I have been able to relate to and most of all I've been able to relate to a lot of the characters too.

Usually with a tv show I will watch a few episodes and get bored with it but with One Tree Hill it was totally different I was hooked in almost instantly, I have all of the box sets so whenever I missed an episode I'd be able to catch up straight away. Sometimes I wouldn't watch it on tv at all I'd watch an entire season box set over a 3 day weekend or something, which to me was perfect and made me feel relaxed. 

So this post today is dedicated to ALL of the amazing cast of One Tree Hill and to all fellow One Tree Hill fans out there, I hope you enjoy looking back at some of my ultimate favourite moments from the 9 seasons of One Tree Hill (I will probably have forgotten some as there are so many)!

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