Introducing Our Puppy Alfie..♥

Hello sweeties

Well what a horrible day it is with the rain and predicted storms - beautiful for the end of August isn't it? Looks more like November outside lately doesn't it? But let's kick the horribleness to one side as I've got some really exciting news to share with you all today, I'd have shared with you all sooner but I literally haven't had the time to sit near my laptop let alone turn it on, so the news is...

Liam and I are getting a puppy - I am beyond excited! Ever since we moved in together we have been talking about getting a puppy and we'd look online but that is about it, but this weekend we actually went to see the most beautiful litter of puppies and fell in love and put a deposit down on our little cutie.

I'd like to introduce you all to our golden cocker spaniel Alfie

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He is 7 weeks old tomorrow and we are able to bring him home on Saturday 8th September, am I counting the days down I am so excited eeeee!!

Liam fell in love with him straight away as he was the one that went up to him first off. It was really hard to choose from 6 puppies, we managed to get it down to two and ended up playing with them for so long, but this little one made us melt. Whenever I held him he always went to sleep on me and gave me his cute little puppy eyes, so you can expect to see a lot more of Alfie on the blog and I'll keep you all updated when he is home and I'll maybe do a monthly progress post or something like that if you'd be interested?

For now I will leave you with a couple of sleepy snaps to 'awww' over!
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Smile of the Week #42

Morning sweeties

I hope you are all enjoying the long bank holiday weekend, I've not really done anything useful with my time off I am just enjoying it as much as possible, with lots of relaxing and pampering to keep me happy.

Hopefully a lot of you won't have had the Monday morning blues, but if you have I hope this weeks smile of the week will turn that frown upside down.

For me I love nothing more than a good old cup of tea - I am sure you are all with me on that right? It's amazing how a little mug of hotness can suddenly make everything ok - even better with a side of biscuits too! So when I came across TWO photos on weheartit this week I thought they'd be perfect for this post.

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What is your little pick me up on a daily basis? Is it a cup of tea/coffee/juice etc?


Smile of the Week #41

Hello pretty bubbles

I am back with another Monday morning pick me up - seriously no need to thank me it is what I am here for.

After having a week away from the Olympics being on our screens it really made me realise how bloomin' awesome us British folk are. We managed to pull off an amazing opening and closing ceremony as well as all of the sporting events that took place, but not only that we came together as a nation and that really did shine for us.

So when I stumbled up on this weeks smile of the week it took me straight back to the closing ceremony of the Olympics and how it made me feel, at the start I wasn't interested at all about the 'bloody Olympics' as I used to say, but when I actually stopped to look at it it was pretty amazing and the quote says just that.

Isn't it funny when you actually stop doing something and look around, you actually see how amazing something really is, for instance if you are a painter or designer and feel like your design isn't going anywhere then stop and actually take a real look at it, I'm sure you'll feel 100% different about it. But no matter what you are doing and you feel you aren't getting anywhere then stop and actually look around you to realise what wonderful things are out there for each any every one of you.

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I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, what have you all been up to? Anything exciting happen?

Girly Shopping Day♥

Hello lovelies

I am slowly getting back on track with all of the posts that I have got lined up for you all, it has been a seriously busy week celebrating and getting fatter with an extra slice of birthday cake or a cookie from Millies - seriously I need to stop eating the rubbish foods, but they taste too good!

On Wednesday I took a trip up to Meadowhall in Sheffield to meet the lovely Charlotte♥ and Georgina♥ for a fun filled day of shopping, giggles and a generally big catch up as we hadn't seen each other since October 2011 - madness!!
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Charlotte, Myself and Georgina
We all arrived at Meadowhall train station around 11:30am then we headed straight for the shops, we headed to the bigger stores first off such as New Look, Internacionale, Primark and so on and had so many giggles looking at all of the random pieces of clothes that had somehow made it into the sales. While in Primark we found those pull along baskets so we had 2 of those between 3 and filled them all with clothes and mountains of accessories - us three can seriously shop!

Primark was the shop where most of the giggles came from, as I apparently think half past two is five to three - deaf as a brush I am aren't I Georgina? Charlotte made the magical discovery that a small bag I put in the basket was actually small (one of those you had to be there moments) and that bracelets go around the wrist - as appose to those that you wear around your neck? Funny times with the girlies is always so much fun!

Then around 3.30pm we headed to my favourite place to grab lunch, Frankie and Bennys, we all had something from the lunch menu which was seriously so yummy. Georgina then gave me and Charlotte our birthday gifts while the waiter took our desert orders, where he was a little nosey and asked if it was both of our birthdays and what gifts were for him. After opening our gifts which were all so lovely - thanks Georgina, our puddings came out to the sound of Happy Birthday and waiters singing to us around the table - cringe!!

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Me and Georgina
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Charlotte and yours truly
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The birthday gifts from Georgina - she knows us SO well!
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Oh look we are THE birthday girls hehe!!
After our late lunch we headed back into shopping mode and had many more giggles before heading to the train station where we ended up having more giggles trying to get a decent photo of the three of us together - so funny.
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Last photo of the day with the girlies - taken from Charlotte on Facebook hehe!
I managed to buy quite a few nice bits, not as much as I was expecting to get though, but I shall do a haul post on what I brought over the weekend, hope you all have a lovely start to the weekend - CRUNCHIE FRIDAY!!!

Smile of the Week #39

Afternoon sweeties

After having a busy birthday weekend I am slowly getting on track with all of the lovely posts I have coming up for you over the next week or so, I will be a busy bee for the next week myself with blogger meet ups and seeing friends and family etc, but I've still got time for a smile of the week post.

 Seeing as though it was my birthday at the weekend I thought this weeks smile of the week fitted in quite well, as whenever I have a birthday cake I always make a wish even now at 22 years old. It is just a tradition that has stuck with me over time and I always do it. I'm unsure if wishes actually do come true, but its always nice to believe isn't it? I believe that making wishes helps towards something such as a goal that you want to achieve before your next birthday or just to help with positive thinking.
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Afternoon Tea, Audi R8 & My Foot Injury

Hello my lovely sweeties

As you may already know from my August Plans post I have been a super busy bee so far and I still have lots of exciting things coming up - yay! So instead of doing individual posts or really big posts where I just blab on and on with what I've been up to I thought I'd break it down a little into a couple of days/activities at a time.
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Let's start off with a little bit of bad news to get it out of the way and then onto some nicer things,Monday morning while heading off to work I tripped up outside the house and ended up smacking the side of my baby toe and ripping part of the nail off. At first it was just very sore and achey, but then as the day went on I lost feeling in the toe and looked at my foot to find it slowly swelling up and bruising where I'd hit it. Then when I got home that night it began getting bigger and I couldn't actually walk on my foot at all, I didn't see the point in going to A&E for a little bang and if I had broken a toe or something they wouldn't have been able to do anything, so I sat at home with my foot strapped up and a bag of peas on. Over the next couple of days I found it so painful to walk on, I was either hopping around, going down the stairs on my bum or going to work in my slippers. Now almost a week later I can finally walk on my foot normal but I have such a big bruise all over the top of my foot and its safe to say my baby toe is looking like a little fat sausage.

So due to my little accident I found it quite hard walking around Newark where I took my mum for an Afternoon Tea on Thursday as part of her birthday, we went to a lovely little tea room for the Afternoon Tea and to say its the first we've had we didn't know what to expect at all, but my goodness it was so lovely. I really enjoyed spending time out and about with my mum while scoffing lovely sandwiches, yummy cakes, fresh scones, lots of tea and a glass of champagne each - it was simply delightful. We then had a little wander around Newark and into a few of the shops, I loved looking in all of the little trinket shops and umming and ahhing if to buy anything or not, in the end I brought a jumper from Dorothy Perkins and a few bits and bobs. Luckily the rain held off until we had finished having a wander around the town, while having a yummy fruit smoothie the rain decided to pay us a visit.

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Then on Friday I spent the day with the two favourite men in my life - Liam and Dad. As part of my dad's birthday (in February) I brought him a Driving Experience Day and I had only just booked it, well I did want nice weather so we'd hopefully be able to get some good photos. Dad wanted to drive his ultimate favourite car the Audi R8 and I have to say that they really are stunning cars - swoon! We arrived at Prestwold Hall race track just before 12pm as you have to be there an hour early to ensure that there is enough time to sign in and have the briefing etc. It was lovely weather for the few hours that we were there, dad had an amazing time in the Audi R8 and he also had a passenger ride included within the bundle - so lots of fun to be had. After we went to a local pub near the track called The Packe Arms and they did the most amazing food that I've had in a long time and the pub was seriously stunning, really olden looking and pretty inside.
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