Alfie Diary #8 - 9 Month Old Puppy..♥

Hey sweeties♥

Would you look at that, it is Friday already - madness, but I am so glad as I have had such a busy week at work I am in need of a nice relaxing weekend of nothingness.

I have so many posts that I want to share with you all but most of them are beauty related and I feel like I have gone a little overboard with beauty so today I thought I would split it up and give you something to make you go 'awww', yes that's right it's an Alfie update. I can't believe I haven't done one of these since February, say what!!!

Well Alfie is now 9 months old, yes really 9 months old! I cannot quite believe that we have had our bundle of fluffy joy for a whole 7 months, the time really has flown by since having him, but wouldn't change it for the world. Alfie has obviously grown quite a lot since February, although I don't notice it until I look back at photos of him and think where has my cutie gone?

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As usual Alfie still loves to sleep a lot, I haven't known a puppy sleep as much as Alfie. But then on the other hand he is a hyper little buggar I tell you, sometimes I can't control him as he just makes me laugh too much to even shout his name let alone tell him off.
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We used to cage Alfie at night and he was ok with it for the first three months, but then something clicked in his mind and he decided to keep us up half of the night - bags under the eyes everyday not a good look - thanks Alfie. So since then we have let him have freedom of the kitchen, hallway and our bedroom and I tell you something it has been the best thing we have done, he just sleeps anywhere. He tends to sleep at the top of the stairs with his blanket and bone but then the odd time during the night he will come and curl up next to me, it is so cute. Yes he is very spoilt but to have the best nights sleep again is so worth it.
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He loves going on big long walks, I am so happy that the weather is finally starting to pick up as we can take him out when we are home from work and go for miles at the weekends, it is just so nice to do that. Alfie also loves it when Liam's parents Boxer dog Evie comes down or when we go there, to say she is 3 months younger than Alfie she is bigger than him and tends to be the boss for the first 15 minutes, but then something snaps in Alfie's head and he pounces on her like I don't know what, it is so nice to watch them play and they don't leave each other alone after.
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So I think I have gone on for long enough now, I shall try and keep you updated on Alfie a little more as I know these are quite popular posts.
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  1. Awww he sounds like he has you wrapped round his little paw, bless him!can't believe how big he has gotten but hes still gorgeous x x x