Smile of the Week #50

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Hey sweeties♥

Well doesn't Monday come around a little too quick? But I have had a lovely 3 day weekend which was spent relaxing, catching up on my trashy tv in the form of The Valleys (it is so wrong, but so right), pampering and of course seeing my dad on Father's Day. But I am back on the lovely Monday afternoon to put a little smile on your faces with my smile of the week.

My favourite quote from the past week has been:
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I don't know about you lot out there but at times my mind always seems to be thinking of the things that could go wrong in life and in certain situations, I guess it is just how our minds are at times. But once I found this quote it really made me smile and I actually stopped focusing on what could go wrong, but to look forward and see what can go right in life and to have things to look forward to in life can always help.

Smiles during the week have been:
1. Going to Liverpool on a work trip, I honestly had such a wonderful time, I hadn't realised just how beautiful Liverpool really is and I am already planning on going back very soon // 2. Having lots of cuddles with Alfie, he went for the snip this week bless him and he has been feeling super sorry for himself // 3. A Friday morning lay in, ah they are just the best. // 4. Doing a little dance as I opened a small package and finding my new iPhone case, yes hello there Louis you babe♥ // 5. Making the perfect cup of tea before work, I have at least 2 cups of tea before I leave the house for work and this week I think I cracked it and made THE perfect cuppa.  
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What has made you smile this week?

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