10 Things I Learnt While In Paris

Well here I am again, after another blogging break that I wasn't expecting to take at all it just kind of happened and something that I needed to do, once again. I won't even say "oh I am going to make sure I blog at least once a week or twice a month" because my heart isn't major into blogging anymore. It is a thing that I want to do when I randomly wake up at 3am and think damn that would be a great post to share, so it will be odd posts here and there, but then again it could be one a week, who knows.

Recently I have had a mini break to Paris with my best friend Charlotte and ever since getting back that is all I have been talking about, dreaming about and wishing I were still there. So I thought I would share some photos from the trip as it was just so damn beautiful, but also 10 things that I learnt while over there, enjoy...

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1. The Eiffel Tower is simply one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen with my own eyes. Now I knew that the Eiffel Tower was big, but until I was actually stud under it I didn't actually appreciate how big and beautiful it actually was.

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