7 Things All Girls Do After A Break Up

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1. Question why he didn't fight for you.All you really wanted said guy to do is fight for you, to come running back, knowing he had made a big mistake, but sadly they don't.

2. Cry, cry, cry, cry oh and cry some more. But hey it is okay to cry, I always think crying for say a day is better than keeping it all bottled up inside, it is the best kind of medicine and to get it all out of your system. Let all of your mascara run, look like a Panda and go through a box of tissues or 2. 

3. Taylor Swift will become your BFF. That girl has a song out there for every single one of us single girls. If we are feeling down and wanting to cry a little more or if we want to Shake It Off and get ready for a night out with the girls. 

4. Eat everything in sight. You may think the way to fix a broken heart is to eat your way through 2 tubs of Ben and Jerry's (those guys never let us down), 4 bars of chocolate, 3 takeaway pizza's (and obviously save a few slices for breakfast the next day) 5 share bags of Doritos and maybe a tube and half of Pringles just because why the hell not. 

5. Hit the town with the girls. Obviously your girls have been there for you, after all they did help with half of the text messages (group chat obviously) so it is only right that they take you out to have THE BEST NIGHT EVER!!!! And you will have the worst hangover of your life because doing shots all night is always a good idea, right?

6. Swear that you will forever stay single. Of course after that dickhead hurt you and broke your heart, you will hate all guys for a life time, the look of them, the smell of them and certainly the sight of them.

7. Binge on romcoms and think that love is so over rated. Yes I am talking about The Notebook, The Lucky One, The Vow - damn you Nicholas Sparks and your sob stories. Giving us girls hope that there is someone out there for us and that WE WILL find someone exactly like Leo from The Vow but maybe with the looks of Zac Efron, who's with me girls? 
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1 comment

  1. Number 3 is very true - singing "Shake it off" and "Never Getting Back"!

    Lizzie Dripping