Lifestyle: Festive Feels In Manchester

Hey sweeties!

Wow I know it has been a while since I popped up hasn’t it? There isn’t really any reason other than my heart just hasn’t been in the blogging mode and I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go in. But I have had a little re-design and re-brand to jazz the place up a little and hopefully have a more grownup feel to it.

I thought what better way to kick off getting back into the blogging mode than to share a little Manchester adventure that I have just had with two of my best girls. Charlotte, Gina and I all met through blogging many moons ago and since then the rest is history. Every year we meet up during the year but especially over the Christmas period, we usually do Manchester Christmas markets one year and Nottingham Christmas markets the next and so on, our own little tradition if you like.

So on Friday I had the day off of work, bliss! And headed up to Manchester to meet the girls for a day of shopping, catching up (seeing as it had been almost a year since the three of us met up for longer than 10 minutes), food, drink (hello cherry punch, simply the best Christmas drink), giggles and of course a wander around the Manchester Christmas markets.

I love how festive we all seem to get whenever we do our little Christmas market meet ups with swapping presents, fairy lights and of course the food, it’s always about the food isn’t it really?

As usual the day flew by, my sides hurt with laughing, arms ached from the shopping bags and a belly full of food I was happy to hop back on the train home. I’m looking forward to December as Charlotte is coming to Nottingham so we can do present swapping and to go around Nottingham Christmas markets and stuff our faces a little more. So I am sure I will no doubt be snapping and blogging away about that little adventure as well. 

Which Chsritmas markets are your favourites to go around to get into the festive mood? I
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  1. Aww I had such a fun day with both you girls!!i love our Christmas traditions!!!lookibg forward to Nottingham!it will be here before we know it too!

    x x x x

  2. Great to have you back! It looks like you all had a lovely day at the Christmas markets, I'm hoping to go to the Manchester ones in the next couple of weeks and maybe one of the London ones when I'm down there next month :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk